The Fanged Monster of Fast-Water

I’m always a bit nervous when traveling to a foreign country, meeting new people and pursuing a fish I’ve never experienced before. I guess most people would be. So I couldn’t help but wonder if these guys were putting me on. After creeping along slippery ledges and craggy rocks to the edge of a swirling pool, my guide told me to cast my big Rapala CD 18 into the rapids of Uraima falls! How could he keep a straight face looking into that swirling maelstrom? I couldn’t see how it was possible for a fish to swim, let alone feed, in the roiling currents. Skeptically, I heaved the heavy lure into the frothing water and then frowned with the effort of struggling to retrieve the Rapala against the tremendously powerful current and the rock-strewn bottom. This did not seem like the way to access the fabled fast-water predator. Why weren’t we using the boats? I shook my head remembering how I’d spent endless tiring hours casting for saltwater species into unproductive surf from rocks just like these. Suddenly, on my second cast, I was startled out of my reverie when a belligerent payara blasted my lure and took off running, almost tumbling me off my rocky perch. Line started screaming off my reel. More

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