Fish of the Week: Payara – Hydrolycus scomberoides

Hydrolycus scomberoides

Hydrolycus scomberoides

Our “Fish of the Week” is Payara – Hydrolycus scomberoides, which is readily distinguished from its congeners by three features: It possesses serrations on the exposed portion of its scales; It has a small black spot on the base of the innermost pectoral fin ray; The base of the pelvic fin is dorsal of the ventral profile of the body.

The key to identifying a Hydrolycus scomberoides is its silvery, elongate body, as well as the unique black spot on pectoral fin base. It also has a dark blotch above the pectoral fin. Its adipose fin also has a dark pigmentation. Hydrolycus scomberoides also is mostly silvery, darker dorsally, with dark pigmentation on anal and caudal fins. This fish features a black spot on its pectoral fin and has 93-106 lateral line scales. Museum specimans have been measured up to 300 mm.

Similar to Hydrolycus armatus, this fish can be found in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela, particularly in the river basins of the Amazon, above Tapajos and Rio Apure drainages.

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