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Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing – April Updates

April 28, 2010

Recession Rebound – All the pundits confirm that the Great Recession is not over, but certainly, things are getting better. It’s becoming clear that the banks won’t fail, the world economy won’t collapse and we’re going to be more or less OK. That is, if we’ve managed to survive April 15th, tax day. Hopefully, you’re still in one piece, fiscally, and waiting for the government to return your excess, (interest-free) tax money. We know just how you should be using that tax return. Enjoy yourself – come fishing with Acute Angling.

Many people have already realized that life goes on, so we are rapidly booking up our available space for the coming 2010-2011 fishing season. What a difference a year makes! (Finally, some good news for what seems to be the only industry that had to make do without a Federal bailout – Sport Fishing!) Here are some of the of the remaining trip options;

Peacock Bass

The incredible peacock bass

Blackwater Explorer Yacht – Although many dates have already booked full, several prime options on our beautiful peacock bass yacht remain available for next season.
     Group dates – We have only two dates remaining available for large groups who wish to close the yacht for themselves exclusively. They are February 4th and February 18th, 2011.
     Individual dates – Several weeks remain with space for individuals, pairs or small groups, as follows; October 15th (8 spaces), January 21st (8 spaces), Feb. 11th (9 spaces)

Rio Travessão variety Trip – This incredible trip for wild predators and giant catfish in a land that time forgot has several spaces remaining for individuals, pairs or small groups; January 20th (6 spaces), January 27th (3 spaces), February 17th (6 spaces), February 24th (completely open – 8 spaces)

Peacock Bass Exploratory – A new region, a closed Indigenous Reserve and a heavily tannin-stained river promises potential world-record size peacocks in an untouched fishery. The weeks of October 21st, and October 28th remain available.

Amazon Peacock bass Fishing

Guedes, Reiss and melo

Owner Hosted Weeks  – Acute Angling’s partners in the Blackwater Explorer (Paul Reiss and Norberto Guedes) and in Amazon Fringe Expeditions (Paul Reiss and Wellington Melo) will be hosting a range of trip types next season. 
     Paul Reiss will be on the Blackwater Explorer for 5 weeks, only a few openings remain for those trips.  They are on the week of October 22nd, 2010 (5 spaces) and Nov. 5th (1 space). 
     Wellington Melo and Paul Reiss will be jointly hosting the week of October 14th (2 spaces) on a new peacock bass exploratory (see above) and the week of February 10th (1 opening) on the Rio Travessão variety trip.  Wellington will be hosting all other dates in these two fisheries.  Join us! 
      Norberto Guedes will be on the Blackwater Explorer for several weeks.  Specific dates are as yet unscheduled. 

 New Acute Angling Fishing Shirts – For many years now, we’ve been giving out our Acute Angling polo shirts to the top producing anglers on each week of our schedule. They quickly turned into a badge of honor for the select few. Last season, in the interests of egalitarianism, we added our superbly designed fishing hats to the mix and distributed them to all of our anglers. Now we’re going to step it up a notch. Since we feel that our highly productive, professionally run Amazon trips are selected by the most discriminating sportfishermen in the world, we want our anglers to look the part. We’ve just completed designing and specifying a great looking, highly functional fishing shirt and it’s already in production. We’ll be putting them in the hands of all of our 2010-2011 anglers as soon as they arrive. Now, wherever you go, you can let the world know that you’re one of the select few who have tangled with the mighty peacock bass on an extraordinary Acute Angling Amazon adventure.

Free Shirts! – We’ve still got some of the polo shirts on hand (19 of them, in various sizes and colors), as well as baseball caps (150) and Amazon research project T-shirts (65 – in various sizes). We want to give them to Acute Angling fans. To claim one of these items, free, simply give us a phone call (866-832-2987) with a serious booking inquiry – or respond to this email with the names and email addresses of at least 5 of your most avid fishing friends who are not yet on our mailing list. Since we expect these items to go quickly, and since we cannot guarantee that your first choice will be available, please list your choices (and sizes) in the order of preference. This offer is valid only until all items have been given out.

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