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Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing – Mid-Season Report

January 18, 2010

This has been an unusual season so far, to say the least. It began with a flood; the highest river stage in 63 years peaked during the 2009 rainy season. Then it turned into a drought; waters dropped so fast it seemed as though someone had pulled the plug out of a bathtub. Through it all, we enjoyed some of our best fishing in years. We used our extraordinary mobility to take advantage of the conditions and stay on top of optimal water levels. We don’t hesitate to move our operations, so we fished November waters in September and we fished “trunk” rivers in December when the secondary tributaries became too shallow to navigate.

 20+ pound peacock bass.

The Rokey brothers show off a pair of 20+ pound peacock bass.

The results were outstanding with consistently productive weeks and some of our best “big fish” totals in years. I had one of my best days ever early this season, with a single morning that produced 12 fish over 12 pounds, with a nineteen pounder to cap it off. The afternoon was almost as good! Late on, we had a week on our beautiful Blackwater Explorer yacht where ten of our anglers combined to catch a total of 2600 fish, with over 70 in the “teens” and seven over 20 pounds!

Right on cue, the mid-season rains arrived over the holiday season, soaking the upper Rio Negro basin and raising water levels throughout the enormous system to a more manageable and navigable level. The timing was excellent, since the 2010 portion of our schedule and our second round of trips is just beginning. Following the pulse of new water, the rivers are dropping nicely again and we expect even better conditions than before in the newly refreshed Northern fishery. If you can travel on short notice, this is a good time to take advantage of some excellent fishing opportunities. And … we still have some excellent options available for you.

Winter Fishing Trip Opportunities

Rio travessao payara

A Rio Travessao Payara

The Amazing Rio Travessão is probably the best variety fishery in the Amazon, with over a dozen impressive gamefish species and unrivaled natural beauty. This season we are taking advantage of a unique opportunity to explore new waters in this amazing system. Due to the aftereffects of the global recession, we are operating a shorter planned schedule this coming season. Although that’s bad news from a business point of view, it presents us with a great opportunity from a fishing point of view. The shorter (three week) schedule will enable us to operate without requiring a resupply mechanism during the season. The benefit of this simpler logistic is far greater flexibility for our camp. Therefore, we’ve elected to explore new waters in an as yet un-fished stretch of the river. We’ll carry all of our supplies in at once and simply depend on floatplane service for all access and egress until the season ends.

This provides us with a new exploratory opportunity on a river we already know to be super-productive. It should be the best of both worlds from an angler’s perspective. We expect to find fish that have never seen a lure, new honey holes, new hotspots and perhaps even new world records.
Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy pristine waters and join us on the Rio Travessão this February. Northern rivers are already dropping and we expect optimal water levels this year. We have 5 openings remaining. The trip will be hosted by Wellington Melo.

Peacock Bass Fishing - Mothership

The Blackwater Explorer Yacht

The Blackwater Explorer is currently heading into the northern Rio Negro basin to take advantage of what currently appears to be the best water levels in the basin, with access to some of its biggest fish. We plan to follow optimal conditions for the rest of the season, wherever that takes us, upriver or down, tributaries or trunks, even moving into the Rio Branco basin if water levels so dictate. We can blame (or credit) global warming for the unusual weather all we want, but most importantly, we’re taking advantage of the great fishing its provided so far this season. Join us on the Blackwater Explore this February. There’s still time to book a trip, get out of the cold and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Short Notice Travel Deals

Several of our February 2010 dates have inefficiently low numbers of bookings. It’s in our best interest to make our trips as operationally efficient as possible, so we’re looking for anglers who can travel on short notice to help us fill them. If you’re interested in a great deal and can fit into our scheduling needs, call us now. We’ll work with you if you can move fast and be flexible.  Call us now at 866 832-2987

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